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IMS Experts is an industry leader since 2003 with experience in providing and selling orthopedic bracing orthotics. We specialize in LSO, TLSO, knee, cervical orthotics, and other bracing orthotics. Patients always come first at IMS, and we strive to provide the largest array and variety of top quality products. IMS ensures that all products provide patients with a comfortable fit, which helps lead to higher patient compliance, which results in greater chances of favorable patient outcomes and recovery.


IMS sells, provides, and markets bone-growth stimulators for patients who are undergoing multiple level fusions or long bone voids.


Additionally, IMS sells and markets quality products for the management of acute and chronic pain via our pharmacy relationships for high quality compounded topical RX pain creams (via prescription only).


IMS Experts also sells and markets DNA-Genetic diagnostic services (DNA SPECIFIC PERSONALIZED MEDICINE). DNA-genetic testing offers physicians the ability to diagnostically screen their patients via a simple cheek swab. This process will facilitate and help guide a physician to prescribe the drugs/medicines that genetically appeal to each specific patient’s DNA and metabolizing traits. This test helps physicians identify for each patient the best and most effective drugs as well as alert the physicians to any adverse reactions to any drugs in which they have prescribed. Through Genetic- DNA testing and analysis of each patient’s metabolizing traits, physicians can now choose the right drugs for these patients, choose the right amount of drug, and do so with confidence.


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To strengthen the health and well-being of our community, by providing accessible, compassionate and

quality products and services to patients.

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Mansfield Then and Now

When Ralph S. Man and Julian Feild arrived around 1856 and built a grist mill at the crossroads that was to become the center of Mansfield.


Man and Feild completed their three-story brick grist mill sometime between 1856 and 1859. The prospering community which had grown up around the Man and Feild mill took on the name of "Mansfeild", a combination of the names of the founders. Repeated misspellings over the years resulted in the acceptance of the conventional spelling of "Mansfield."


Today, the community of Mansfield prospers more than ever!

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