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Cervical Thoracic Bracing 

Aspen Vista CTO


Sizes: Short, Regular, Tall, X-Tall, Universal Vest

CTO by Deroyal


  • Designed to provide immobilization of cervical and upper thoracic spine

  • Provides anterior/posterior, medial/lateral support and rotational control

  • Features 3-in-1 system: cervical collar, 2 post collar and 4 post collar

  • 3-in-1 system allows for step down during patient recovery

  • Latex free, non-toxic, open-cell liner helps prevent skin breakdown and increase patient compliance

  • Replacement pad set available upon request


INDICATIONS:   Stable cervical or high thoracic fractures or dislocations; Post-operative immobilization; Trauma

Sizes: Adult Short, Adult Regular, Adult Tall, Adult X-Tall,  Pediatric

Ossur Miami JTO Thoracic Extension


The Miami JTO is indicated for neck and thoracic injuries. 

  • Stabilize neck/chest

  • Support thoracic injury

  • Decrease anti-inflammatory medications

  • Decrease pain symptoms

  • Improve neck function

  • Improve quality of life

Universal Sizing

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