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GenuTrain S Pro Knee Brace

HCPCS Code: L1833

Increase activity
Delay surgery
Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
Decrease pain symptoms
Improve knee joint function
Improve quality of life


Three-dimensional Train active knit provides medical grade compression to reduce swelling and promote joint stabilization
Anatomically contoured sidebars attach directly to the straps for increased stabilizing effect
Hinges can be restricted at 30°, 60° or 90° flexion and 20° extension
Sidebars are heat-moldable if customization is needed
Viscoelastic insert surrounds the patella and facilitates correct positioning and pain reduction
Knit and insert work together to stimulate proprioception
Right and left specific for optimal fit
Ideal for active lifestyle and athletic use



The GenuTrain S Pro knee brace adds mechanical stability to the joint. The brace stabilizes the knee with two adjustable hinges which are integrated medially and laterally. Depending on the indication the hinge can be blocked out to limit movement during rehabilitation.

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