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Multi Universal Lumbar Orthosis

HCPCS Code: L0642

Universally sized LO offers superior 6:1 compression and stabilization to fit most patients with one brace.


  • New universal sizing reduces sizes on hand from six to one! The corset can easily be adjusted to accomodate 25” (63.5 cm) to 55” (129.7 cm) waists using the unique pocket system

  • Adjustable cord allows the pull tab to be shortened and lengthened to fit every patient

  • Anatomically contoured posterior panel can be heat molded and customized to fit individual patients. Removable anterior panel is incorporated into the corset for ease of use

  • Unique pulley system reduces friction and offers a 6:1 mechanical advantage; for each pound of pull, six pounds of intra-abdominal compression are applied

  • Single one-hand pull self regulates compression to accommodate various girths and shapes for a more customized and contoured fit; the corset can be flipped to accommodate a right or left pull


  • Indicated for post-operative stabilization protocol following spinal fusion, laminectomy/laminotomy, foraminotomy, laproscopic disk replacement, IDET procedures, mult-level decompression.

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