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The SUMMiT line of spinal bracing products limit motion and provide effective compression for the relief of low back pain. Choose from the SUMMiT 631, SUMMiT 637, SUMMiT 456 depending of the profile or level of support desired.



  • SlickTrack™ Tightening System – Effective compression regardless of patient strength

  • Independent Upper & Lower Compression – Customize compression for maximum relief

  • Ergonomic Design – Low profile confors naturally to different anatomies

  • Custom Support – Back panel adjusts automatically to patient’s lordotic curve

  • Economic – Limited stocking requirements and excellent cost-to-reimbursement ratio

  • Universal or sized available. 



SIZE           PANT SIZE

 S               26” – 34”

 M              33” – 42”

 L               41” – 51”

 XL             50” – 60”

Summit Line

Summit Line

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