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HCPCS Code:L3960



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The  new patented VSL-747’s airplane design provides adjustable immobilization for patients recovering from shoulder procedures where maximum support and relief is required.  The VSL-747 features an adjustable and removable platform combined with a universal abduction base that makes it easy to adjust and set. 

Abduction Platform (6 oz)

The Abduction Platform  supports the hand wrist & elbow. 

The platform controls rotation of the humerus and fastens the sling and the abduction base. 

  • Balances the arm during abduction

  • Soft padded outside with a rigid center for comfort & support


Abduction Base Pad (5 oz)

The Abduction base pad provides a variety of abduction angles for the arm. 

  • Rotates for varying degrees of abduction

  • Firmly Attaches to the Abduction Platform and or Sling


Abduction Accessory (Abduction Shelf)

Light weight ABS Plastic Wedge used to extend the length of the base pad.  When attached to the base pad in position 2 , the Abduction Shelf provides an 80° landing for the Abduction platform.

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