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Universal Warrior® Wing Shoulder Abduction  

HCPCS Code: L3960

  • Universal Sling Design = one size fits most

  • Aluminum waist frame is easily formed for accurate positioning & comfort

  • Airplane hinge for optimal abduction and shoulder recovery

  • Allows both abduction, rotation, and internal or external fixation

  • Includes three triangle pillows for increased abduction and/or fixation (90˚, 45˚, 30˚, 15˚)

  • Easy enough to be self-applied

INDICATIONS:   For non-surgical or post-op shoulder conditions that require diagnosis-specific arm positioning; Rotator cuff repairs; Bankart lesions; SLAP lesions; Glenohumeral dislocations / subluxation; Posterior / Anterior capsule repairs; Shoulder instabilities; Muscle and tendon repair; Joint reconstruction

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